Lindfield home to Ladies Captain, Saturday 23rd September 2017 at 14:00.

Lead: Terry Hughes
Two: Alan Gardiner
Three: Peter Gacsall
Skip: Mike Streeter
Lead: Norman Hardy
Two: Richard Harding
Three: Martin Pelosi
Skip: John Bartlett
Lead: Colin Sayers
Two: Geoff Nelson
Three: Allan Eastwood
Skip: Frank Morris
Lead: Brian Oliver
Two: Chris Reynolds
Three: Clive Smith
Skip: Paul Sandford
Lead: John Purdon
Two: David Glossop
Three: Ian Wilson
Skip: Colin Read
Lead: Alan Nicholas
Two: Ken Eldred
Three: Ron Langridge
Skip: Arthur Mortenson

Match information:


Mike Streeter

Start time




Team updated

19-Sep-17 at 10:45

Open the bar

Clive Smith

Green stewards

Colin Read & John Purdon

Tea duty

Fish/ Chips as booked £3.50

Bar duty

Bar Team playing as available

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