Lindfield home to Mens Captains Day, Saturday 20th July 2019 at 13:00.

Lead: Alan Nicholas
Two: Kathy Jarvis
Three: John Foster
Skip: Frank Morris
Lead: Ted Donovan
Two: Mick Lewry
Three: Steve Gorringe
Skip: David Glossop
Lead: Brian Oliver
Two: Philip Thorpe
Three: Colin Stevens
Skip: Richard Harding
Lead: Colin Mallows
Two: Ian Wilson
Three: Andy Todd
Skip: Mike Streeter
Lead: Terry Johnson
Two: Colin Read
Three: Steve Minter
Skip: Geoff Nelson
Lead: Brian Tyler
Two: Hugh Parkyns
Three: David Pleasence
Skip: Cyril Woolgar

Match information:


Peter Elford

Start time




Team updated

19-Jul-19 at 18:15

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