Lindfield home to Presidents Day Red Section, Saturday 17th August 2019 at 14:00.

Note: This is to confirm your acceptance of the invitation to my President's Day. No response required unless now unable to play Dress is Casual and a meal will be provided afterwards. Match fee £2 plus £1 donation. President Mike

Lead: Brian Druery
Two: Maxine Tyler
Three: Tony Broadstock
Skip: Carol Watson
Lead: Roy Jarvis
Two: Sandra Mallows
Three: Keith Foxwell
Skip: Chris Reynolds
Lead: Janice Woolgar
Two: John Foster
Three: Maggie Langridge
Skip: Andy Todd
Lead: Ian Wilson
Two: Norma Smith
Three: Liz Harman
Skip: Richard Harding
Lead: Shirley Nelson
Two: Arthur Mortenson
Three: Steve Gorringe
Skip: Frank Morris
Lead: Phil Taylor
Two: Annette Read
Three: Wilf Atkins
Skip: Carolyn Worth

Match information:


Mike Streeter

Start time




Team updated

11-Aug-19 at 19:35

Green stewards

Steve Gorringe

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