Lindfield home to Crouch, Wednesday 6th September 2023 at 14:00.

Lead: Gail Dunlop
Two: Brian Richardson
Three: Peter Elford
Skip: Peter Doughty
Lead: Tony Dunlop
Two: Linda Gardiner
Three: Philip Thorpe
Skip: Sue Willmott
Lead: Chris King
Two: Sue Warner
Three: Colin Mallows
Skip: Steve Minter
Lead: Christina Backholer
Two: Hugh Parkyns
Three: Julia Dearing
Skip: Alan Gardiner

Match information:


Peter Elford

Start time




Team updated

06-Sep-23 at 11:13


Bill Colbourne
Ian Wilson
David Walker
Kath Honeysett

Open the bar

Philip Thorpe

Green stewards

Tony Dunlop & Gail Dunlop

Bar duty

Ron Langridge & Peter Page

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