Our league teams

We have teams in four leagues, the Border League is a men's league and involves the clubs around Sussex/Surrey border, such as Popes Mead, Redhill, Newdigate, Horley, etc. The Mid-Sussex and John Spriggs leagues both feature mixed teams, with the Spriggs acting as a 'feeder' league into the main Mid-Sussex league. The Nellie Mercer is a ladies' triples league.

The Border and Nellie Mercer leagues are usually played on Thursdays starting at 6:15pm, the Mid-Sussex and John Spriggs are usually played on Tuesdays starting at 6:15pm. As a club we have been very competitive in all of these leagues in the past, and we need people to make themselves available to play, and enter into the games with enthusiasm, in order to maintain the standards we've become accustomed to!

League team pages: