Club News from 2019

Lindfield votes for change

 23-Nov-2019  Website Editor

On Thursday 21st November the combined EGM / AGM of LBC voted in a new constitution, that will dramatically reduce the size and complexity of the club's management structure. Up until this point LBC has followed the traditional (and now rarely seen) model of separate men's and ladies' committees, plus an over-arching 'general management committee', which has mean that there have often been over 35 club members on the various committees at any given time, with the inevitable duplication of effort, minute taking, agendas, delays in communication etc that such bureacracy entails.

The new constitution - as well as formalising and clarifying procedures and roles - now replaces all this with a single committee, which shall have the power to appoint temporary sub-committees to handle specific events or issues, as it sees fit. Hopefully the new structure will allow us to focus more on bowls, and less on the administration of the club, from now on!

Lindfield retain John Ellmer Cup

 17-Sep-2019  Peter Gacsall

Lindfield retained their annual "club competition winners" trophy, the John Ellmer Cup, by beating Buxted Park by four matches to one: in the single Keith Holman was in imperious form, 21-4; the pair of Mike Streeter and Peter Page were pipped at the end, 16-17; the triple, skipped by the captain, Peter Elford, was superb, 31-6; the four, skipped by Adam Harding was similarly uncompromising, 27-8; the double four won 53-32: David Glossop's rink were behind, 18-19 but a five secured victory, 25-20; Peter Gacsall's rink always led, 28-12.

Southwater spoiled the record with Lindfield drawing on rinks but losing 69-76: Allan Eastwood, down 12-18 at seventeen ends came back splendidly, 17-18; Peter Colbourne was always in control, 19-15; Shirley Foxwell, down 11-19 at seventeen ends, came back with ten in three ends, 21-20; David Glossop dropped three fours, 12-23.

The match against Burgess Hill was more satisfactory, 79-59: Peter Colbourne kept catching up but did not quite make it, 12-14; Richard Harding was hardly challenged, 25-7; David Glossop led and stayed ahead, 21-13; Peter Gacsall led 21-8 but allowed Jim Wakefield back but held on, 21-15.

A win against a strong Horsham team was particularly gratifying, 93-88: Ian Watson dropped eight in the final two ends, 19-20; Roger Green won nine ends without reply, 21-10; Allan Eastwood led 8-6 but only won one more end, 11-16; the captain, Peter Elford, dropped two on the last end, 13-14; a five on the last end did for Shirley Foxwell, 14-16; Richard Harding held on, 15-12.

Lewes were despatched 74-66: David Glossop was too hot, 25-12; Peter Colbourne came from behind, 19-15; Wilf Atkins came back from 1-12 to finish 13-23; despite four dropped on the last end Roger Green prevailed – just, 17-16.

News roundup

 1-Sep-2019  Peter Gacsall

Hollingbury Park came to be beaten three rinks to one and 81-63: Roger Green just lost out in a close game - so dropping a 6, 5 and 4 in quick succession did not help, 23-26; Andy Todd, a relative newcomer, is settling in nicely, 24-12; Shirley Foxwell won four of the last six ends to pip her opponent, 18-13; Richard Harding just stayed ahead all through, 16-12.

There was a successful visit to Rottingdean, 92-75: Roger Green held his own, 5-5, dropped behind and caught up, 16-16, but six dropped in the last two ends did not help, 16-22; Peter Gacsall started well, 4-1, but went behind at tea, 6-11, seven in the next two ends helped, 13-11, got behind again, 13-16, but dominated the last third, 21-17; Alan Gardiner started well, 5-1, went behind, 6-9, matched then got ahead, 17-15 but a three dropped on the last end sealed his fate, 17-18; Chris Reynolds's rink stormed through the match, 29-5; David Glossop led 13-5, faltered to 13-13 then scored six in the last five ends, 19-13.

Adastra brought six men's triples, a rare event nowadays, but Lindfield prevailed on four rinks and by 118-88: Alan Eastwood scored twenty in seven ends, 26-10; Wilf Atkins led 8-7 but then faltered, 11-19; Peter Gacsall started well, 7-0, and continued with steady scoring, 20-10; Ian Watson included a six in his good win, 22-12; David Glossop started really well, 11-0, was caught up, 12-9, but won the last three ends, 22-14.

Holman and Sandford are club champions

 27-Aug-2019  Website Editor

Often an occasion that sees a drop of rain, this August Bank holiday weekend found Lindfield Bowls Club sweltering in record-breaking temperatures. It was hard work for players and spectators alike, particularly those like Adam Harding, Sue Willmott and Mike Streeter, who were featuring in several games.

In the men's Championship Keith Holman bowled superbly to win it for the 3rd time, beating Adam Harding 21-12. The ladies' Championship final was a remarkable game in that Sue Willmott raced off to a big lead, 18-10 ahead against last year's winner Jennie Sandford, but Sue got stuck on 18, Jennie dug in and gradually accumulated shots, and finished strongly to win 18-21. Jennie has now won the Championship four times in the last five years.

The men's pairs final was a one-sided affair, due to club President Mike Streeter and partner Peter Page immediately settling into a groove, drawing well and leaving too much work for opponents Tony Broadstock and Ron Langridge to undo, 23-5. The ladies' pairs saw a first win for Stella Sayers who was partnered with the experienced Janet Hawkins, they enjoyed a comfortable 23-12 win over Janet Bartlett and Sue Willmott.

A new name will go on the honours boards at the end of the season - Steve Noyes (who bowls with cannon-ball-esque size 7 woods) capped an excellent year's bowling by winning both the men's Handicap singles and the Backbone singles. Steve was largely untroubled in both games, beating President Mike Streeter 21-8 in the Backbone, and getting the better of experienced Sussex bowler Martin Pelosi 21-11 in the Handicap.

In the ladies' Backbone Janet Hawkins just managed to beat club Secretary Chris McFarlin 21-19, and there's a familiar name going on the ladies' 2 Wood trophy as Carol Watson beat Margaret Atkins 16-9, giving Carol her fifth 2 Wood title since 2010. In the men's 2 Wood Peter Gacsall and Adam Harding had a very close game, until Adam pulled away in the closing ends to win 21-16.

There was a closely-fought game in the new men's 100 Up competition, which Peter Colbourne eventually won 100-90 against Adam Harding, both players spent the match just trying to work out the rink! The ladies' 100 Up produced yet another nail-bitingly close game between Carol Watson and Sue Willmott, Sue was unlucky to be on the receiving end again, losing 97-103 to Carol.

Bill Colbourne celebrated a fine season by winning the men's Veterans (over 70) singles competition for the 4th time, beating last year's winner David Glossop 21-16 in the baking mid-day sun. The 2 Wood Triples final also produced many sweaty brows as Peter Elford, Ron Langridge and Janet Bartlett just managed to beat Arthur Mortenson, Cyril Woolgar and Steve Gorringe by a single shot, 14-13.
Sue Willmott's 4th final still produced no luck, as her ladies' triple of Liz Harman and Joan Hampton lost to Norma Smith, Daphne Todd and Carol Watson 19-9.

In the mixed competitions Daphne's husband Andy Todd also claimed a trophy in his first year at the club, beating Frank Morris 102-78 in the 'Butfoy' 100 Up singles. The Aussie Pairs was reasonably one-sided with Tony Broadstock finding some form, and partner Peter Gacsall bowling nicely to leave opponents Joan Hampton and Mike Streeter struggling for shots (19-10).

Club President Mike Streeter hosted the trophy presentations at the end of play on Monday, and an army of willing helpers turned out to provide guests and members with tea and cake. Special thanks go to Ian Watson in his first year as men's Competition Secretary, to Pat Whetstone for organising the ladies' competitions, and to John Bartlett for looking after the green.

Jennie Sandford selected for DBE squad

 10-Aug-2019  Website Editor

Congratulations to Jennie Sandford for being selected for Disability Bowls England's Outdoor High Performance Squad. Jennie (LBC ladies' club Champion in 2015, 2017 and 2018) travelled up to Leamington Spa recently to play in a North vs South DBE game, and will hopefully feature prominently in future DBE matches and events.

Weather disruption in August!

 20-Aug-2019  Peter Gacsall

It's August, therefore matches are cancelled for inclement weather! At least the all the league matches were played, bringing their season to a close.

In the John Spriggs league a draw, in every way, saw Lindfield secure top place and promotion back to division one: against West Hoathly 'B' one rink was won, one drawn and one lost with the overall score 45-45 and 5-5 in points.

In the Mid-Sussex League against Uckfield, although two of the rinks lost the shots difference, 61-45, gave Lindfield the win, 6-4: Adam Harding lost for once, 17-20; Peter Gacsall came close, 16-19; Keith Holman was in dominant form, 28-6.

In the Border League Lindfield, in the final match at Horsham, could only manage 3-7 and therefore second place to Horley. Alan Gardiner's rink only won six ends to a strong four, 6-20; David Glossop had a dreadful start being 6-17 down but had a splendid fightback to secure a draw, 19-19; Peter Gacsall, for once, had a good game including turning round the fifteenth end from eight down to one up with his last wood, 18-8.

There was a friendly match when Hurstpierpoint came with Lindfield coming out ahead, 61-43: Peter Gacsall started slowly, 1-5, but two fours and a five put him in charge, 20-13; Richard Harding got stuck on two for eight ends, 10-20; Alan Gardiner led all the way, 20-9; Ian Watson led until a two on the last end gave a draw, 11-11.

News round-up

 1-Aug-2019  Peter Gacsall

Things are looking up for Lindfield in the Mid-Sussex League with a 9-1 and 56-44 win over Burgess Hill: Adam Harding, as usual, led all the way, 18-11; Keith Holman drew in a game that was close throughout, 17-17; Chris Reynolds was behind 1-6 then scored eighteen in six ends to finish 21-16.

On the same evening the John Spriggs team beat Popes Mead 7-3 and 54-52: Willi Bollschweiler just missed out, 17-22; Steve Minter drew 16-16; Colin Stevens was the winner, 21-14.

In friendlies there was a good win against West Hoathly, 77-60: for Colin Stevens an early six set the tone, 28-20; Andy Todd scored a six and a five but also dropped a seven, 22-23; David Glossop quickly moved to 12-0, stayed ahead to 25-10 and ended 27-17.

The trip to Worthing Marine Gardens was less successful, 66-79: Willy Bollschweiler started slowly, 5-14 then never really caught up, 10-22; David Glossop led 7-6 but got stuck on "lucky" seven and ended 17-27; the ever reliable Shirley Foxwell scored a four to take the lead 7-3 thence stayed ahead, 24-10; for Peter Colbourne the stop for tea, at 12-7, was less than helpful, finishing 15-20.

Lindfield ladies win County Triples

 27-July-2019  Website Editor

Congratulations to Jennie Sandford, Sue Willmott and Carol Watson, who beat their opponents from Southwick Park in steady drizzle at Preston BC (Brighton) to become Sussex County Triples Champions for 2019. They now travel to Leamington Spa to compete at the National Finals in early August.

News roundup

 23-July-2019  Peter Gacsall

In the Spriggs League there was a good result, Lindfield winning 8-2 in points and 58-38 in shots: all rinks were one-sided, Willy Bollschweiler won 23-6; Geoff Nelson lost 7-23; Colin Stevens won 28-9.

Revenge was gained against St. Francis who were beaten 118-91: Jennie Sandford lost just three ends, 28-4; Alan Gardiner scored a five to go ahead 13-12 but got stuck and ended 16-24; Mike Streeter was always just behind, 13-17; Richard Harding went from 11-11 at end fifteen to finish 22-12; a dropped five late on could not stop Sue Willmott, 22-14; in the final six ends David Glossop went from 10-20 to a respectable 17-20.

Peacehaven inflicted a defeat on Lindfield, 68-91: Allan Eastwood won the last three ends 6-1 but still went down, 17-23; David Glossop was the only winner, 23-18; a six in the penultimate end was not enough for Alan Gardiner, 17-29; Willy Bollschweiler led 11-9 but did not score again, 11-21.

Lindfield narrowly lose Abergavenny final

 21-July-2019  Website Editor

Lindfield's 'Abergavenny' (men's county double fours) team lost in the final at Eastbourne Saffrons yesterday morning, by just 3 shots, to Sidley Martlets. The two games were very different: Chris Reynolds, Paul Sandford, Peter Gacsall and Adam Harding were always in contention, often outbowling their opponents, but never quite able to break into a lead, due to the skilful bowling of Sidley skip Michael Stone, who handled the pressure well to convert many ends to Sidley's advantage. They eventually finished 13-13, with Adam's four having taken the lead several times but always struggling to maintain their advantage.

The other rink of David Walker, Roger Green, Ian Watson and Keith Holman were always behind and never really got to grips with a trickier rink, the Sidley front-end usually found a more consistent weight, meaning it was up to Watson and Holman to dig them out of trouble, but with experienced Sidley skip Nigel Hooper drawing and firing well, Lindfield struggled to hold onto shots, and despite a late comeback, they finished 21-24 down, giving Sidley Martlets an overall win.

The semi-final last week had given Lindfield a fine win, 42-22 against Norfolk Bowling Club. The home team, skipped by Keith Holman, won 21-9; the away team, skipped by Adam Harding, had a closer affair, initially finding the heavy green hard to fathom, were trailing 2-9, but won the next eight ends and finished 21-13.

Lindfield news roundup

 14-July-2019  Peter Gacsall

For the first time in a week or three Lindfield secured a win, 9-1, in the Mid Sussex League against Felbridge, 67-43: Peter Gacsall led 9-1 then shared the rest, 19-10; Adam Harding sped to 17-0 then stayed ahead, 30-15; Chris Reynolds was behind at 6-9, got the lead at 16-14, and ended in a draw, 18-18.

The John Spriggs League team continued on their merry way, 9-1 against Southwater: Geoff Nelson won 21-11; Willy Bollschweiler drew 18-18; Colin Stevens won 19-10.

In the Border League Lindfield edged an 8-2 win against Downsman, 49-47: Graeme Geddie actually won fewer ends but two fours helped, 18-14; David Glossop led 9-1 but dropped a five and two fours to lose, 18-21; Alan Gardiner hung on in a close game, 13-12.

This time, in the annual fixture against the County Division 2 Vice-Patrons, Lindfield hung in there in a close game, 104-101: in the last five ends Mike Streeter went from 15-11 to victory, 21-12; Paul Sandford's rink led 11-6 but got stuck on eleven for ten ends, 13-21; Alan Gardiner went from 5-8 to 11-8 going on to win, 18-16; Graeme Geddie only won eight ends, 13-28; Peter Gacsall only conceded eight ends, 21-11; David Glossop trailed until the fourteenth end, 10-10, then lost just two more ends, 18-13.

There was another close game against Henfield, 58-57: eleven in five ends propelled Andy Todd across the line, 27-12; Colin Stevens got stuck on nine for eight ends but came out ahead, 20-17; Frank Morris did not score until the twelfth end but had a good second half, 11-28.

Lindfield 4 reach semi-finals

 7-July-2019  Peter Gacsall

At Lindfield in the county fours the rink of Roger Green, Paul Sandford, Ian Watson & Keith Holman had a fine win against a strong Hollingbury rink skipped by Carl Blinco. It was close for a few ends then Blinco's men won five consecutive ends, including a six, to go 7-17 up. Lindfield then started an incredible comeback and won 25-19, and claimed a slot in this Friday's semi-finals.

In the county singles Keith Holman beat Stuart Logan of Tarring Priory 21-11 to go to the semi-final against last year's winner Michael Stone.

In the Abergavenny (men's double four) against West Hoathly, Keith Holman's home rink won 24-12; Adam Harding's away rink were behind for much of the game but managed to achieve a draw 17-17 for a 41-29 overall win.

In friendlies: away at Eastbourne Parade Lindfield lost 63-73 with only Cyril Woolgar's triple winning, 15-14.

In a close-run thing Horsham were beaten 112-107: Ron Langridge went down 13-23; Andy Todd led 13-11 but then faltered, 17-29; the ever-reliable David Glossop led all the way, 24-12; Carolyn Worth got stuck on fourteen for six ends, 17-29; two fours early on helped Sue Willmott to victory, 22-10; Alan Eastwood kept his nose in front throughout, 19-13.

There were no winners against Crowborough Wolfe, 49-82.

Against Motcombe Gardens, losing 62-84, there were two successful skips: Andy Todd won 18-17; the captain, Peter Elford, won 19-17.

Ladies through to triples final

 30-June-2019  Peter Gacsall

On a fine day (in every sense) for the village club, three of Lindfield's ladies won the County Triples semi-final at Preston against a triple from Polgrove. They will play Southwick Park in the final and will go to the National Finals at Leamington.

At Horsham, Lindfield had an excellent win in the Tony Allcock over 60s mixed double rink, 34-21: Keith Holman's rink managed to stay just ahead throughout, 14-11; Peter Gacsall's simply won too many ends for the Horsham four, 20-10.

In the Border League Cup double rink knockout competition, the home side (skipped by Paul Sandford) lost in a close match, 15-20; while David Glossop's away rink scored a hotshot on the second end from which point they never looked back: 30-13.

The Border League team at Newdigate were completely dominant, 10-0 and 79-44: Paul Sandford led all the way, 23-11; Alan Gardiner was behind until 9-16 then won the last four ends, 17-16; David Glossop was not challenged, 32-5.

Eastbourne Parade came and were defeated fairly comprehensively, all four triples won and 97-38: John Bartlett conceded just four ends, 29-4; the up-and-coming Peter Page scored too many multiples for the opposition, 28-9; Alan Gardiner had a six in his win, 23-11; Colin Stevens had the closest game, 17-14.

Lindfield men reach quarter-finals

 23-June-2019  Website editor

Several Lindfield men have made it through to the quarter-finals of the various county competitions:
Singles: Keith Holman and Paul Sandford are both through, having won their area finals against Lindfield's Steve Minter and Gordon Hall (West Hoathly) respectively. They play at Sidley Martlets (Bexhill) on 2nd July.
Pairs: Adam Harding & Tom Palmer are through, as are Ian Watson & Keith Holman. They play at Southwick on 4th July.
Triple: Adam Harding, Ian Watson and Keith Holman are through after a closely fought area final against a trio from Ringmer. They play at Pope's Mead on 1st July.
Fours: In an all-Lindfield area final match, the team of Peter Elford, Andrew Todd, David Glossop and Chris Reynolds beat Martin Pelosi, Peter Gacsall, Adam Harding and Tom Palmer by a single shot.
In the other Div 2 area final, the team of Roger Green, Paul Sandford, Ian Watson and Keith Holman also had a tense one-shot win against Dave Race's team from Woodingdean. Lindfield host the quarter and semi-finals of this competition, on Friday 5th and 12th July.
2 Wood: Tom Palmer is through to the quarter-finals and will play at Sidley Martlets on 9th July.

County competitions update

 9-June-2019  Peter Gacsall
Woodingdean Fours winners

Above (left to right): Roger Green, Paul Sandford, Carol Watson and Chris Reynolds won the annual Woodingdean Open Mixed Fours on Sunday 9th June, they won 4 out of their 5 games under the team name 'Dodge'.

Several Lindfield men have been successful in county competitions:
- In the Unbadged singles, Alan Gardiner is in the area final.

- In the Two Wood, Tom Palmer won one area final and Steve Minter was beaten in the other area final.

- Four men have won through to the third round in the singles: Steve Minter, Keith Holman, Martin Pelosi and Paul Sandford.

- Three pairs are in the fourth round: Adam Harding/ Tom Palmer; Ian Watson/ Keith Holman; Peter Gacsall/ Chris Reynolds (substituting for Graeme Geddie).

- Two Triples are in the third round: Adam Harding's and Phil Taylor's.

- Three fours are in the second round: Adam Harding's, Graeme Geddie's and Ian Watson's.

- Sue Willmott and Carol Watson won another round in the ladies' pairs, 15-11 against Ringmer.

All three league teams started with wins: Felbridge was beaten 8-2 in the Mid Sussex League; in the John Spriggs League, Southwater was beaten 9-1 and 57-28 in shots: Peter Page's rink won 15-8; Colin Stevens's 24-7; Shirley Foxwell drew 13-13.

The Border League team also won 9-1 and by 48-28: Alan Gardiner won 22-5; David Glossop by 14-11; and Steve Minter drew 12-12.

Tony Allcock team scrape through

 3-June-2019  Peter Gacsall

Lindfield's Tony Allcock team (national over-60's mixed double-four) squeaked through a nail-biter against Preston 36-35: Ian Watson's rink trailed 0-5 then 4-8 but ten in four ends took them to 14-8, later a five took them to 19-11 and they finished 25-14, three ends before the other rink; Peter Gacsall's rink led 5-1, went behind 5-7, then on end eight the skip managed to convert six down to one up after which they scored only occasionally to go into the last end 9-21 – overall Preston leading by one. In the final end the visitors held the shot all through until Gacsall drew the shot so scores were even. Watson's rink played the extra end and won it on a measure.

At Hollingbury Park all did not go well, 65-98. Bletchingly's visit was more satisfactory, 74-63: Frank Morris played out of his socks, 25-17; Peter Gacsall was blessed with a super front end, Messrs. Foxwell and Gorringe, 22-5; Peter Colbourne wasn't, 8-27; despite dropping six on the final two ends Ron Langridge prevailed, 19-14.

The match at Crouch had to be called off for rain after ten ends, 42-44 - I'm sure Lindfield would have come good in the end but for the rain.

Finally, the local derby away against Haywards Heath. The home side won three out of four rinks but, thanks to Shirley Foxwell's rink, 24-12, Lindfield won on shots, 66-65.

Tony Allcock team off to a winning start

 26-May-2019  Peter Gacsall

Lindfield's success in the various competitions continues. In the first round of the Tony Allcock mixed double four against Rottingdean, Lindfield narrowly prevailed 31-26: after a good start for the home team, Rottingdean nearly managed to catch up but Lindfield won both rinks, Keith Holman by 14-11 and Peter Gacsall, 17-15.

In the County Unbadged singles, Alan Gardiner beat Uckfield's Doug Thorogood 21-19, and plays at home on Weds 29th in the next round. Peter Gacsall and Graeme Geddie enjoyed a convincing win in the County Pairs at Isle of Thorns, but now face another Lindfield team in the next round.

In friendlies there were good wins over Saltdean and Rottingdean:
Against Saltdean it was 4 triples to 1: Geoff Nelson led all the way, 20-12; Eileen Pope lost despite scoring a six along the way, 13-22; Chris Reynolds scored a five and a six on the way, 27-12; Ron Langridge had a much closer game, coming back from 2-10 down, to win 15-13; Clive Smith was also behind, 1-12, and came back to win, 20-15.

Rottingdean's best rink was a draw, Lindfield prevailing by 95-74: Ron Langridge down 2-7 secured the draw, 18-18; in Chris Reynolds's game the score fluctuated throughout but a win was produced, 18-16; two fives and four gave Peter Gacsall dominance, 28-12; Alan Eastwood rushed into a lead, 10-1 and kept ahead, 24-18; Steve Minter was behind 5-7, 7-9, and 10-12 but won five of the last six ends, 16-13.

Lindfield beat Newick in Top Club

 21-May-2019  Peter Gacsall

Lindfield had a good win in the national Top Club competition against a strong Newick team. The format has five different games with each worth a single point. In the two wood Newick's Robert May conceded to Adam Harding at 4-17 after sixteen ends; in the single Paul Sandford gave Peter Carter too good a start, 4-17, before his revival, 13-21; the pair, Steve Gorringe and Keith Holman fought back from 0-9 for a splendid win, 25-16; the triple was close, 6-7 after eleven ends, when Graeme Geddie's chaps scored a five and never looked back, 17-13; the four was close, 10-10 after eleven ends, after which Peter Gacsall's men scored steadily for a good solid win, 24-13.

In the Champion of Champions Lindfield's Paul Sandford beat Brian Kneebone of Newick 21-20.

In the County Triples Ron Langridge, Keith Foxwell & Phil Taylor beat a Vicarage team 16-12 having been behind 7-10; and Martin Pelosi, Roger Green and Peter Gacsall beat a West Hoathly side 16-13.

The match at Preston ended at 52-52: Mike Streeter dropped behind 2-11, a four helped, 6-11, then won more ends but only singles, 14-19; Shirley Foxwell took the lead early on and maintained it, 22-14; Peter Gacsall's match was close to 11-10, dropping an unfortunate four proved decisive, 16-19.

At Redhill Lindfield won four of six triples and 108-85: Alan Eastwood scored 14 shots in the last three ends, 30-12; David Glossop could never quite catch up, 10-16; Peter Colbourne built a good lead, 22-4, so eight in four ends was not enough for his opponent to catch up, 23-12; Geoff Nelson made a 4 on the last end but it was not enough, 11-19; Peter Gacsall's match was close all the way but 3 on the last end gave Lindfield the victory, 17-15; Alan Gardiner took time to get going, 1-6, took the lead with a four, 13-10 and won, 17-14.

County and National competitions update

 14-May-2019  Peter Gacsall

There were three county competitions at Lindfield on Saturday. The promised showers came and made play difficult for all but the home sides came out ahead in all three.

In the National Over 55s four game it has to be said: if Newick had not had bad luck they would have had no luck at all. The Lindfield four, Peter Gacsall, Graeme Geddie, Chris Reynolds and Tom Palmer just managed to win the important ends. Peter Carter's Newick team conceded after sixteen ends at 20-8.

In the 'Trixie' (unbadged) Pair Eileen Pope and Shirley Foxwell defeated Pam Nesbitt and Carol Watson of West Hoathly quite comprehensively. The match was conceded after 18 ends at 30-9 - the appearance of an albino squirrel seemed to presage their success.

In the National Men's Double Four versus Mackie it was quite decisive, 45-27: Keith Holman's rink beat the highly experienced David Woosnam's 26-12 - Lindfield led in a close game until ten in two ends sealed the match. Dave Glossop's rink against Bob Evans swapped the lead several times but a four late on was crucial, 15-9.

Peter Page, Steve Gorringe, Kelvin Booth and Ian Watson won their first round game in the Edward Rowland 19-13.

In the National Ladies Senior Pairs Jennie Sandford and Carol Watson beat a West Hoathly pair 19-13.

Jennie Sandford and Adam Harding won their National Mixed Pairs, 24-18 against a pair form Peacehaven & Telscombe and Popes Mead.

In the Ladies County Triple Margaret Atkins, Jennie Sandford and Carol Watson secured a 20-5 win against Peacehaven.

The National Mixed Four of Jennie Sandford, Carol Watson, Ian Watson and Keith Holman won 32-5 against a four from Balcombe.

In a friendly match Mackie came and drew in rinks but lost in points, 68-51: Shirley Foxwell only lost five ends, 19-9; Chris Reynolds conceded seven but won more convincingly, 22-9; Colin Stevens was down 3-7, drew level, 11-11 but was just pipped to the post, 16-17; Steve Minter, relatively new to taking charge, lost too many ends, 11-16.

New season off to a damp start

 7-May-2019  Peter Gacsall

After the great weather of late February and April the season has started rather coolly.

A Lindfield team did travel to Hurstpierpoint to be beaten in a good quality game, 86-102: Alan Eastwood opened with a three, went behind, then led 7-6, conceded six in three ends and never quite recovered, 14-18; Ron Langridge conceded three fours to trail 1-17 – too poor a start to get back, 15-28; Roger Green scored a five and four but only a further five singles, 14-27; gritty Chris Reynolds was down until end fourteen when he drew level, 12-12, then lost just two more ends, 18-15; David Glossop's rink were the stars – from behind 8-12 they only lost one more end, 25-14.

The visit of Balcombe gave Lindfield a good win, 84-48: Wilf Atkins was down 5-12 but came back magnificently to win, 20-19; Roger Green led throughout, 22-14; as did Carol Watson, 19-8; David Glossop led 20-0 before the opposition scored, 23-7.

At St. Francis there was a very close match, 102-105: Alan Eastwood struggled, 9-22; Roger Green kept control, 23-15; Alan Gardiner was in contention half way, 7-8, but only won three more ends, 11-25; Adam Harding trailed 6-9 half way but only lost two more ends, 23-13; Peter Gacsall, leading 21-9, managed, with a weighted shot, to turn one down to five down but still won, 22-15; Jennie Sandford kept swapping the lead but was just edged, 14-15.

Lindfield team take on the Eggheads!

 7-Apr-2019  Website Editor
Fire at the Egghead in the studio

A Lindfield Bowls Club team comprising of Peter Colbourne, Peter Gacsall, Roger Green, Martin Pelosi and Jennie Sandford, flew up to Glasgow to take part in an episode of the BBC 2 quiz show 'Eggheads' (season 20, episode 75). Quiz team captain Martin Pelosi commented "the team name was 'Fire at the Egghead', which took some explaining to everyone who had no knowledge of bowls. It was a fantastic experience for us all to participate in and is something for us to talk about on the green other than what colour shirts and shorts to wear!".

The team did well to run the Eggheads close at one point, with Peter Colbourne winning his round on Politics, and all other members coming very close to winning their respective rounds. Christine Mcfarlin also went as a travelling reserve, after Club Captain Peter Elford had to drop out of the team due to ill health.